Eric Prydz Signals Likely Release for His Famed 'Nopus' ID

This surely is a jackpot for Eric Prydz fans! The Swedish dance music icon has revealed that the famed ‘Nopus’ ID is due to see the light of the day soon. The distinguishable track vies with its more famous elder competitor – and identically named ‘Opus’ – for Prydz’ festival closing formalities on a regular basis. It looks all set to become official to increase its credibility for this slot at stake.

Fans love the track for its more universal appeal on the global stage. Complete with trademark stabs and pads that the classic Prydz’ fan can associate with, the result is seamless. It is characterized by a sudden build up that unleashes in your face transitioning into the main body of the track. Consequently, it is one of the ideal pre-closing or closing tracks that could leave a mark in tandem with the Pryda boss’ sounds.

Prydz released his techno avatar Cirez D’s Valborg EP earlier in the year. It was preceded by his famed PR(15)DA album that spanned across 3 parts in 2019. PR(15)DA was to celebrate his label Pryda’s 15th anniversary year. The man is notoriously famous to tease new music and then keep the wait going and his fans guessing. The current pandemic scenario with the man blessed with ample studio time might make this a reality after all. For now, waiting and watching is a safe bet!