Eric Prydz Announces New Cirez D Music

Eric Prydz is making the optimum use of the global lock-down that has presently engulfed the world. The Swedish legend’s ample studio time is bearing the required fruits everyone wants to dig in. Cirez D, Eric’s techno moniker, is making a return to the release roster after two years. Two tracks will be seeing the light of day on May 22nd. Releasing through Eric’s label Mouseville, dedicated to Cirez D releases, these will be named ‘Valborg’ and ‘The Raid’ respectively.

The last official Cirez D release in 2018 saw a leash of excitement amongst the global techno community. Featuring a 3 track EP, ‘Dare U’ opened to massive reviews and critical acclaim with support from Carl Cox, Adam Beyer among others. ‘Valborg’ premiered at Tomorrowland last year. It was formerly christened as Cirez D’s Tomorrowland 2019 ID. The Raid, formerly known as the Lollapalooza 2019, has appeared in a majority chunk of Cirez D’s sets the past year.

2019 saw the release of PR(15)DA album which marked 15 years of Pryda as a record label. With 2020 seeing this development, it is two releases for Prydz spanning the same number of years. This was something highly unlikely to be imagined in the recent past with the man not to keen on frequent yearly releases. Add the recent return of the bi-weekly EPIC Radio, Prydaholics are surely having the time of their lives! You can listen to the latest episode of EPIC Radio that premiered yesterday here.

Quarantine does not seem that bad after all, especially if you are an Eric Prydz fan!