Empowering Emerging Artists: The Chainsmokers’ Artist-in-Residence Program Offers One Year of Rent-Free Living in NYC

Before The Chainsmokers ascended to the heights of stardom and inhabited lavish mansions, they were just two aspiring musicians navigating the bustling streets of New York City. Familiar with the struggle of balancing creativity and making ends meet, the duo is now stepping up to sponsor an artist-in-residence program. This will take place in the city that never sleeps, AKA NYC. The program is aimed at nurturing emerging talent by alleviating the financial burdens of rent.


In a collaboration that blends the worlds of music, real estate, and creativity, The Chainsmokers are teaming up with an unlikely cast of cohorts. TCS, The Blumenfeld Development Group, JAJA Tequila, and the inventive agency NOISE have come together to introduce the artist-in-residence initiative. It is a program that promises the chosen artist a rent-free apartment equipped with a music studio. The residence/ studio will be within the uniquely designed NYC apartment building, known as The Smile. Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem it was conceptualized by renowned architect Bjarke Ingels. It goes without saying that the Smile boasts an iconic curved architecture that sets it apart.

The apartment itself, a meticulously crafted 794-square-foot unit, was conceptualized by none other than The Chainsmokers themselves. It’s a functional haven where dining, working, sleeping, and living spaces blend seamlessly. A haven meant to create an inspiring environment for musical creation and personal growth.

Humble Beginnings

Reflecting on their own humble beginnings, The Chainsmokers shared their insights with Billboard in a joint statement. They stated: “We started our careers in New York City and our experiences living in the city really shaped us into who we are today.”

TCS acknowledged the city’s magnetic charm and creative allure while recognizing the financial hurdles that budding artists often face. Additionally, they continue: “For the longest time we worked out of a shoebox-sized apartment making music every day,”.

With this artist-in-residence program, they aim to give back and offer a deserving artist the chance to thrive. Further, they aim to do so by providing the winner with the transformative opportunity of a rent-free apartment with a built-in music studio at The Smile for an entire year.

As applications for this groundbreaking program are currently open, aspiring artists have a chance to seize this life-changing opportunity. The submission process, apart from basic information, also calls for a creative twist. A twist requiring applicants to submit a TikTok showcasing their artistic prowess.


“At NOISE we love working with clients who are willing to think outside the box. Especially those who are not only willing to push boundaries in their respective industries but also are excited to create culture-forward and impactful campaigns,” shared Joe Laresca, founder and CEO of NOISE, emphasizing the innovative spirit driving this collaboration. He further praised the partnership between The Blumenfeld Development Group and The Chainsmokers as an iconic fusion that not only defies industry norms but also has the power to reshape an artist’s trajectory.

In a city that resonates with creative energy, The Chainsmokers’ artist-in-residence program stands as a beacon of hope. One offering emerging artists a haven to nurture their musical dreams. Lastly, the application process is now underway. Furthermore, it’s time for aspiring artists to step onto this transformative stage and let their talents shine. In conclusion, those interested can sign up for their chance to win, here. Good luck!

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