Eli Brown Releases Hotly-Anticipated Single ‘Diamonds on My Mind’

Eli Brown, the prominent figure in Bristol’s dance scene, makes a comeback. He embodies the ethos of balancing diligent effort with enjoyable leisure in his latest release titled ‘Diamonds On My Mind,‘ available through Astralwerks.

The single comes following a year of great news for Eli Brown. After the positive reception of his recent hit ‘Be The One,’ which became a memorable part of Calvin Harris’ domination at Coachella earlier this year, and his summer-ready track ‘Love Is Free’, which saw the light of day in July, Brown is hitting the charts again with a new song that amplifies his skill in crafting Techno anthems that deeply resonate with his growing fan base.

‘Diamonds On My Mind’ immerses us in an energetic realm of steady four-beat rhythms and synthesized celebrations. Furthermore, everything bonds together seamlessly through a captivating chorus. As the track progresses, it skillfully heightens the suspense as its layers of sound expand. The uniqueness of ‘Diamonds On My Mind’ lies in the straightforwardness of its minimalistic beat and a solitary synth lead that’s a hallmark of the rave scene. This is complemented by the powerful vocals that are already being echoed by audiences in raves around the world.

Have a listen to Eli Brown’s latest hit, ‘Diamonds On My Mind‘, by clicking below.