EDMTunes Chats with Maurya Sevak

EDMTunes had the chance to chat with new talent, Maurya Sevak about her new sound, new music, and more. Grab her new single ‘Air’ here on October 28!

EDMTunes: Please tell us about your upcoming release, “Air.” What were your goals for this composition?

Maurya Sevak: “Air” is super-exciting for me because it’s the very first release of the New York-based label, Queenpin Recordings, a new sub-label of the legendary Black Hole Recordings! I’m so, so honored for my track, “Air,” to be the very first release on Queenpin!

EDMTunes: Congratulations! That’s exciting for you. What does “Air” mean to you from a personal level?

Maurya Sevak: “Air” takes me back to my roots of trance music, when I used to listen to the absolute classics. That sound went missing, somewhere, and I wanted to bring it back. I want to redefine trance.

EDMTunes: How else would you describe your sound?

Maurya Sevak: Three words describe my sound: emotional, energetic and enigmatic. These elements have been infused into “Air.” The emotional piano line, the energetic drops and super-saws, and the enigmatic orchestral strings. That’s my sound.

EDMTunes: You’ve only just turned 17-years-old, which is not the youngest producer to hit the scene, but certainly on the younger side. What do you feel you have to offer the genre?

Maurya Sevak: I want to offer the scene the future of dance music. EDM has changed a lot over the last couple of years. I want to introduce the sound of the next generation of electronic dance music.

EDMTunes: Which producers inspired you to want to become a DJ/producer yourself? Which of their shows were the most memorable for you? What was it about those performances, exactly, that moved you so much?

Maurya Sevak: The two DJ/producers who inspired me the most to get into music production are David Guetta and Armin van Buuren. When I first heard Armin van Buuren vs Shapov,

“La Resistance De L’Amour,” the EDM bug was infused into my head. David Guetta and MORTEN, “Make It To Heaven” (with Raye) also inspired me a lot to want to start producing music.

EDMTunes: What radio shows, podcasts or livestreams do you listen to on a regular basis?

Maurya Sevak: When it comes to radio shows, I listen to “A State of Trance” by Armin van Buuren. The music is so beautiful and inspiring, it just drives me emotionally and energetically.

EDMTunes: Do you have your own podcast, radio show or livestreams where people can hear your mixes?

Maurya Sevak: Indeed! I host my own weekly radio show, “Mach-5 Radio,” airing on Dash Radio and Radio Eibiza. There’s also a podcast version available wherever you get podcasts. My radio show is soon completing six months on-the-air, which I’m super excited about, and I’m also getting ready for the one-year celebration of “Mach-5 Radio” where listeners can hear the latest in dance music and “five times the speed of sound.”

EDMTunes: Tell us about some of your previous releases, “Horizon,” “Liar,” “Desert Rose” and “X,” in particular. What’s the style of each of those tracks/songs? What kind of reaction are you getting to those releases?

Maurya Sevak: My previous releases have been more big-room oriented. “Liar” and “X” are future-rave records. “Desert Rose” is my cover of the 2000 pop hit by Sting of the same title. “Horizon” is a pure club record with the DNA of a raw, big-room sound with an emotional, cinematic feeling. “Air” is super important to me because it’s my first big release on a “major-indie” label, under the esteemed Black Hole Recordings on the sub-imprint, Queenpin Recordings.

EDMTunes: What’s next for Maurya Sevak?

Maurya Sevak: I’m currently redefining my sound, and it’s going to be dance music fused with various other precise elements pulled from different genres of music. There’s a huge collection of music I’m working on, almost an album’s worth of music. Stay tuned!