If you’re a frequent event seeker or rave connoisseur, you may have come across Edmtrain in your quest to find the best events. As concerts and raves move from the club to the bedroom, Edmtrain has become the #1 hub to find all the best live streaming events. 

Edmtrain is an app and website that originated in 2013. The intent was to help the community of EDM fans and event-goers find the best electronic shows in their neighborhoods and discover new artists. Today, millions of users have flocked to the platform to find the best electronic events in North America every weekend. Edmtrain’s catalog of artists and venues is constantly growing to capture as many concerts as possible. Links on the site help performing artists’ music get discovered, especially for lesser known shows. The community plays a huge part in adding shows and improving the platform. As a user, you are able to submit details for your events you would like featured on the site for others to discover.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Edmtrain updated its platform to include a full listing of upcoming virtual live streams. They are continuing to add enhancements, making it easier than ever to discover the best live streams broadcasting at any given time. Additionally, Edmtrain started hosting events on their own Twitch channel and plan on bringing new exciting content to the edm community.

“We are excited to continue improving Edmtrain for the edm community over the coming months and years.” – Anthony Attia (Co-Owner of Edmtrain)

To discover more, check out the Edmtrain website or Twitch Channel!