Dubloadz Announces He's Quitting Music

DJ-producer Dubloadz has officially announced his leave from dance music. On social media, he shared a statement with fans why it was time to leave the spotlight for good. After 7 years in the dance music scene, the bass artist came to the conclusion the life of a DJ wasn’t entirely for him.

“The truth is Dubloadz is like a band aid that I need to rip off at this point where I truly believed my dream was dead, but I have.” He continues, “The truth is, I haven’t been happy or felt alive since the beginning of 2019. 7 years trying to make Dubloadz work has put me through hell I didn’t know was possible.

Dubloadz has chosen to move on from his music career and take some time to find himself again. Trying to make “Dubloadz work” has become a burden on his happiness.

“I’ll never be a viral streamer or online personality. I’m getting old and can feel the lack of energy and passion I once had consistently depleting. My passion was in my art and music, and while I will always make art and music, it’s simply a hobby at this point.”

Certainly, making a tremendous decision like this wasn’t easy for the dance music artist. As addressed in the statement, he feels he has “failed his fans;” however, Dubloadz knows that this was the right choice to make for himself. “I feel physically sick to my stomach as I type this honestly but I can’t keep putting it off. Maybe one day I will find my happiness and something will rise from the ashes of all this. I can only hope, but I can’t promise.”

Dubloadz leaves fans and fellow music-makers with a final message.

“The world is a really terrible place right now but I still have hope things will be better someday, and maybe with that day will bring enough sanity to believe in myself again. For now, I need to let this die. Although it’s inevitable, I’d appreciate it if everyone didn’t reach out to me about this matter as I don’t really want to discuss it at the moment. I’m okay and I will live to see another day. This is simply something I must do now. Thank you for everything.”

Dubloadz Farewell Statement