Dr. Dre’s Son Tyler Young Poised to Make Strides in EDM

Dr. Dre’s son is out to carve a niche of his own! DJ Tyler Young has chosen to tread the unfamiliar path of EDM towards this regard. He went seeking the alternative career choice in his late 20s. In a tete-a-tete with TMZ, Young claims that the hip-hop legend has complete approval of his son’s career. Dr. Dre has also apparently been fully supportive of this deviation to the alternate course.

TMZ caught up with Tyler Young and his collaborator RMN recently to track this journey. Young has been vocal about his roots being close to hip-hop owing to the legacy of his celebrity father. However, he treaded a course of his own outside familiar territory. Tyler elaborates on being introduced to EDM as a teenager by a buddy. He forayed into DJing when he bumped across RMN, birthing their alliance. The remaining is history evident with a visible gradual rise.

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Young states that Dr. Dre is particularly enthusiastic about his son’s new EDM avatar. The past weekend witnessed Tyler performing his first-ever sets in Aberdeen & Dundee in Scotland. He highlights that this overhaul does not necessarily disconnect him from his celebrity dad’s origins. His father had his own foray into deejaying initially while starting out with World Class Wreckin’ Cru.

Dr. Dre is merely a spectator at this point as per Young.