Donovan's Playground

Someone To Hold‘ is a sincere statement from Donovan’s Playground to the broken hearts around the world. The lyrics instantly resonate with listeners who can easily relate to the loneliness felt during this difficult time of isolation. The lush vocals of Delilah Brao shine over the hypnotic composition brought on by Donovan and Pink Palace. The guitar lead continuously fades in and out and finds comfort in the infectious riffs played throughout the song. Additional organic textures bring about a lo-fi vibe that adds a depth to ‘Someone To Hold’ beyond the range of average pop music.

Donovan’s Playground is a side-project Fallen Roses member, Donovan. The project was created from his desire to release more music and expand into different genres. Donovan was inspired to create ‘Someone To Hold’ through many different influences of pop, jazz, soul, lo-fi, and bedroom music. The song invokes a chill mood that is highlighted by both the airy vocals and emotional lyrics.

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