Diplo Dropped Acid to Run the Los Angeles Marathon

Recently Diplo made headlines after competing in the Los Angeles Marathon. But the story behind how he made it to the finish line is what really caught people’s attention. You see, Diplo dropped acid to run the entire marathon.

Yes, you read that right. Diplo took a trip through the streets of Los Angeles fueled by LSD. Now, before you judge, it is important to note that Diplo’s acid trip was purely recreational. He wasn’t trying to get an edge on the competition or get a deeper understanding of the human experience…he just wanted to make the 26.2 mile trek more manageable. And maybe a bit more fun.

So, how exactly did Diplo pull off this feat of running a marathon on acid? According to Diplo, he didn’t go crazy and actually, “I probably took half a tab of acid at the marathon, but it really motivated me, because I was running at the fastest pace I’ve ever ran,” he said.

He added that the natural endorphins you get from being around other runners helped. “You also have all these runners around you, so your energy’s there. I was running a seven-minute mile for the first eight miles, which is crazy. I really paid for it in the end of the marathon. But that first two hours was a breeze, man. It was so fast. And maybe acid has a different effect on people, but for me, those first two hours, which is usually the scariest part of a marathon, just went by so quickly.

It seems the DJ’s strategy worked. He completed the marathon in an impressive three hours and 55 minutes and even managed to beat his goal…to beat Oprah’s time. The DJ noted that the most he’d ever ran before was 11 miles and thanked his kids for cheering him on at the finish line.

Ultimately, Diplo’s experiment with LSD and running is an interesting case study that showcases the power of the mind. And while it’s not something that should be taken lightly, it’s clear that Diplo managed to take on an incredibly difficult task with the help of a psychedelic drug. Whether you approve of his decision or not, you have to admit that it’s an impressive feat.

Not looking to drop acid but to maybe get in Diplo’s mindset? Stream his music on Spotify. The American producer dropped his latest album, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley: Chapter 2 – Swamp Savant, at the end of April. It’s his second country album and a follow-up to his 2020 Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil.