Digital Album Sales Soar While Physical Album Sales Suffer” />

Recently, it was announced that physical album sales have plummeted extremely, making it the worst fall on record. However, according to Billboard, digital album sales have increased, reaching a seven-month high.

Digital Music/Album Platforms

Digital album sales have increased by 49.1%, making about 811,000 copies sold last week. This is the biggest week for sales in the last seven months. The second biggest time was during the week ending on September 5th, 2019.

Digital albums have made it easier for consumers to have access to music during self-isolation. The coronavirus has made it extremely difficult for consumers to actually purchase physical copies of music. Most states issued stay-at-home orders while most music retail stores remain closed.

In addition, consumers’ focus remain on other matters, like the coronavirus, instead of purchasing music. Lastly, many of them are surely being selective on money due to COVID-19‘s impact on the economy. Therefore, there is no surprise that digital sales would continue to increase extensively, conquering physical sales.