deadmau5 Unveils ‘Apnea’ Exclusively on LimeWire

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: deadmau5 / LimeWire

One of the world’s top Progressive House and Electro House legends, deadmau5, unveils his latest song, ‘Apnea‘, exclusively on LimeWire. Furthermore, all subscribers received a digital collectible which allow them to earn 10% of ad revenues. Those revenues are earned from the track paid in $LMWR.

Many fans of deadmau5 first heard about the exclusivity on LimeWire through this Reddit thread from the r/deadmau5 subreddit. There were plenty of surprised reactions since the once-popular file sharing site recently rebranded itself as an NFT platform. Check out the Instagram post where both deadmau5 and LimeWire jointly announce the exclusive release of ‘Apnea’ (and the cool rewards for LimeWire subscribers). Additionally, view the same announcement from LimeWire’s Twitter below as well.

‘Apnea’ from deadmau5 has a creative spirit that shows why it is exclusive on LimeWire

‘Apnea’ from deadmau5 gives off that chill and also excited vibe that the Canadian producer has produced for the past couple of decades. The music video, which has music video director Nick DenBoer providing the vibrant visuals, has a giant-like figure that has the iconic deadmau5 head on it, walking through a grass field full of lollipops and ice cream cones. To stream the exclusive (and colorfully unique) video on LimeWire, click on this link. One can imagine that the creative spirit of ‘Apnea’, particularly through the video’s visuals, is why the track is LimeWire-exclusive.