Deadmau5 Gets Two New Cats – Dizzy and Dolly

The Canadian artist, producer and DJ took to his instagram yesterday to show the world his two new cats – Dizzy and Dolly. Deadmau5 who was previously the pet parent of his cat, Meowingtons is surely a cat lover!

Meowingtons, who was also affectionately referred to as Professor Meowingtons, was the cherished feline companion of deadmau5. Over time, Meowingtons gained fame and became an iconic symbol in the realm of media related to deadmau5. Notably, the Meowingtons Hax Tour took its name as a tribute to this beloved cat.

Additionally, in the year 2012, Meowingtons made notable appearances on the cover of the single “Professional Griefers” and the album titled “>album title goes here<,” as well as on the late singles “Channel 42” and “Telemiscommunications.” Meowingtons was also intended to be the central character in an animated project that unfortunately got shelved, known as “Meowingtons & Mau5.”

Fans can surely expect to see Dizzy and Dolly inspired deadmau5 content in the near future!