Daft Punk Took Their Helmets Off For Alive 1997 Stream On Twitch

A majority of us might have missed the Daft Punk maskless concert on Twitch yesterday. But maybe you did catch it, so consider yourselves lucky. Our beloved masked French duo split up a year ago, but they made a surprise appearance on Twitch and streamed some of their 1997 Alive concert. Unfortunately, this type of activity from them won’t happen again. Ever.

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter played at a Los Angeles nightclub back in 1997. They debuted their Homework album, and this year celebrate its 25th anniversary. So, even though we missed what could’ve been history, at least we’re getting a vinyl reissue. Check out their tweet below.

The public is swarming with debate on whether or not they will get more music from duo. Or perhaps even a comeback tour. We can always wait with bated breath. But perhaps we’ll just continue to follow them ferociously on their social accounts just in case! A dedicated fan actually posted the concert on YouTube found below. Warning: It may not last long and isn’t the same essence as watching it live from the makers on Twitch. But it’s something.

A helmet-less show?! Truly something extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime. I am sad to have missed it. They stand there among the crowd in the dark, with 90s flashing lights across the club. Retro vibes all around and just look at their visuals. Truly a time to be alive back then.

We’ve all had our a-ha moments with Daft Punk and know just when they captivated our hearts. As the pain subsides from their falling out, these teasers give us glimpses of hope that there is something still yet to come. Will there be any more unreleased music that hits the public? Or is this truly the beginning of the end? In a way, this one-day-only show reminds us just how legendary they truly are.