D.J.C. Unveils “Sexy House Thang”:  An Enticing Blend Of Rhythms & Sensuality

D.J.C. “Sexy House Thang”

D.J.C. (Daniel Jahmal Clarke), a renowned music producer and entrepreneur with British-American roots, has revealed the much-awaited track “Sexy House Thang.” Joining forces with the gifted musician Bijoux, this masterful artist continues to captivate listeners with his wide-ranging skills and groundbreaking musical perspective. At the helm of NexGen Music, a respected record label known for its extraordinary releases spanning underground and cross-mainstream styles, he remains the driving influence.

Sexy House Thang” is designed to uplift its audience through irresistibly positive vibes. This vibrant piece effortlessly fuses funky, Latin, and jazz components with house music, skillfully weaving in modern intricacies that deviate from conventional EDM patterns. D.J.C. revels in the creation of an exceptional sonic panorama, artfully integrating saxophones, keyboards, and electric guitars to build a captivating and engrossing sonic experience.

After engaging in multiple collaborative brainstorming sessions, D.J.C. and Bijoux enlisted the remarkable artistic prowess of Neil Sanford, a widely acclaimed talent revered for his aptitude in both music and visuals. The outcome manifests as an alluring animated video that beckons viewers through its vivacious nature. The visual canvas evolves into a captivating kaleidoscopic realm, embellished with flowing patterns and remarkable motifs that seamlessly dance to the infectious and exhilarating beats of the song.

Unveiled under NexGen Music’s sub-label Affectionate Grooves, “Sexy House Thang” emerges as a musical treasure, crafted to submerge its audience in delight, captivating energies, and an ambiance of affection and allure. D.J.C. finds inspiration in esteemed imprints such as Telstar, Naked Music, Good Looking Records, Moving Shadow, Ninja Tune, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Ohm Records, and XL Recordings, consistently pushing the limits. By meticulously curating exceptional musicians and engineers, he fearlessly embraces novel musical horizons.

Listen to “Sexy House Thang” here:

See the video for “Sexy House Thang” and Behind-the-Scenes footage below: