COVID Nightlife Guide is published to help NYC small venues

508 Events, Lasher Louis Productions, and Vēmos published a COVID Nightlife Guide to reopening NYC venues during these difficult times.

Throughout these months, several guides have come out which mark the actions required to start parties again after the COVID-19 quarantine. For example The guide for reopening events published by Event Safety Alliance (ESA). Recently, the New York Night Scene created an online guide to reopen venues with the necessary measures.

A Light in the Night, Reopening & Operating Nightlife Venues in the Time of Covid-19,’ acts as a guide for small NYC Nightlife venues to reopen amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. This document is available for free to support the industry.

“The intention is to offer independents some support and a place to start. It is not a checklist. Rather, we hope that this is the beginning of a global conversation about the value and importance of small, local nightlife and how to keep it alive… Save the Dancefloor”

Morgan Deane , Manager partner of 508 Events and Founder of Lasher Louis Productions

NYC COVID Nightlife Guide

The aforementioned guide contains advice from experts including technical solutions, health care, music festivals, and events. Business owners can use this information in their own venues, as well as resources to answer questions and help execute future plans.

Moreover, the guide includes preparing the space, guest experience, guest messaging, and governmental affairs. Nonetheless, it Will be updated while changes happen over time.

Amongst other things, the guide points to outdoor venues as locations with the lowest rate of virus transmission. However, they provide practical tips for opening indoor spaces such as wearing masks, and ensuring adequate ventilation.

You can read the guide here.