Cops Unhappy with Crowds During David Guetta Stream Event

This past weekend, well-known music producer David Guetta live-streamed a two-hour Miami performance to raise money for coronavirus relief. Unfortunately, residents took this event as an opportunity to leave their homes and gather to listen to the show. Over a hundred people converged in the streets of Miami and police were not happy about it.

On Saturday, David Guetta partnered with the Miami Downtown Development Authority to perform in Brickell to raise money for four nonprofit groups, including Feeding South Florida. DJ Mag reports that the event made over $700,000. According to the Miami Herald, about 6.2 million people watched the concert on Facebook, 341,000 streamed on YouTube, and 385,000 watched on Twitch.

Miami residents gather for David Guetta live streamed event.
Photo Credited to the Miami Herald.

Although the event was intentionally meant to entertain those in quarantine, over 200 people left their homes to physically experience the event. However, the Miami police claim that this number did not actually gather in one place.

The city of Miami currently has social distancing guidelines and safe-at-home orders placed to prevent crowds of more than 10 people. Certainly, there was more than that during this event. As a result, Miami police arrived at the scene to break up the large gathering and ordered people to return home. Ultimately, no arrests or incidents occurred.