Copenhagen To Ban People With Criminal Records From Clubs

Copenhagen has passed a new and interesting law within its city. Beginning on September 14th, law enforcement will be setting bans for those with a criminal record to enter certain areas in the city. The law will last two years. They will sanction the city into 4 zones, and those who have had previous convictions will not be allowed to enter. The 4 zones include Gotersgade, Vestergade, Vesterbrogade, and Kødbyen. These areas are set to become new “nightlife” zones and Copenhagen wants to keep them clean.

Who knows how they will actually prevent people from walking around the streets. Regardless, a fine of 10,000 kroner (roughly $1,150 American dollars) will be issued to first-time offenders, with 30 days in prison for repeat offenses. That is a steep penalty to walk around a city you love. The new law aims to provide “a more secure nightlife environment for everyone.” 

Maybe I have a too progressive point of view, but I always thought nightlife should be open to everyone. Granted, some crimes committed might deserve this. But, I can’t imagine all convictions should fall under this law for two years. Also, aren’t nordic countries supposed to be about equal rights for all? This seems the opposite and not giving some a second shot at life. On the other side of things, it is just nightlife and I am sure they can go on with their lives as usual.

Copenhagen police director, Anne Tønnes, commented:

“The law enables exchange of information about persons with nightlife bans with bar owners. But we are currently waiting for more detailed information on how this will take place in practice.”