Complexion Of Sound Make Their Own House-EDM Versions Of “Better Off Alone,” “Love Is A Battlefield,” “I Ran” And Release Original Single “Take The Town”

Complexion Of Sound have begun their journey in electronic music by unveiling fourn new tracks. They have created their own versions of the songs ”Better Off Alone,” “Love Is A Battlefield,” and “I Ran,” as well as released their original single “Take The Town”. 

A smooth blend of house-edm vibes paired with sultry vocals is becoming their trademark, revealing an unprecedented chemistry between all the members of this electronic group. Both elevating and meaningful, these tracks will bring peace, love, and poetry to the listener, especially during the coronavirus outbreak, when this is exactly what we need to keep our minds and hearts moving forward in a positive direction. Their visionary productions will be follow by many new tracks, as the band recently announced.