Clubs & Venues in the Netherlands can Reopen this Weekend without ‘Punishment’

As the COVID situation continues to evolve across the globe, the Netherlands is the next country to see some changes. Clubs and venues can reopen starting this Saturday without “punishment” according to police unions. This comes after a national protest dubbed ‘De Nacht staat op‘ (the night is on) earlier this month, in which club owners reopened for one night only to protest restrictions.

Of all the countries across Europe, the Netherlands is among the toughest in regards to COVID restrictions. The government announced an extension to the lockdown and nightlife ban in December and although restrictions were only anticipated to be in effect until January 9th, the country is just now seeing the ban lifted.

Many club parties throughout Amsterdam have already sold out, with thousands of attendees expected. Venues in Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Utrecht will also reopen this weekend.

Police will still be available for emergencies at clubs and venues, but will be primarily concerned with “tasks such as emergency aid and services to citizens.”

Source: Mixmag