Clubs in The Netherlands to Return in September

Party-goers in The Netherlands were recently hit with the news that nightclubs would remain closed until November, but hope is on the horizon. The Dutch government made an announcement in response to the Unmute Usmovement, stating venues and clubs will return on September 25th.

In August, six Dutch cities saw 70,000 people on the streets to protest for the return of the events sector. At this time, festival returns were pushed to September, and nightclubs were closed until the end of the year. The ‘Unmute Us’ movement responded to these restrictions, as sporting events were already being held with thousands of people.

September 25th will mark the return of nightclubs and music venues in the country. However, the government will require restrictions to be in place to ensure attendees’ safety.

Venues must remain closed between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m., even if capacity limits are set in place. In addition, CoronaCheck must also be implemented under venue guidelines. Therefore, club-goers must have a negative COVID-19 test result or recently had the virus in order to be given entry.

This news comes just before the annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is set to take place. From October 13th – 17th, the Dutch will see some of the biggest music events and conferences take place throughout the city of Amsterdam. With clubs reopening soon, ADE is sure to run smoothly as measures continue to ease.