Check out ‘Temporary Pleasure’, Novel on Nightclub Design & Architecture From 1960-Today

Author John Leo Gillen‘s book Temporary Pleasure, a novel on nightclub architecture and design from the 1960s to today is out. Publishing company Prestel is responsible for delivering this masterpiece to the masses.

It covers nightclubs in popular American cities like New York, Detroit, and Chicago. Also, it spans to other countries like Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and Spain. John spotlights the clubs that pushed the NYC-style Disco, Chicago House, and the Detroit techno genre movements. Overall, it educates readers on the powerful timeline of rave culture and who is responsible.

Inside of the book you’ll find old photos showcasing the colorful hubs where rave culture was birthed. Also, you’ll be able to read interviews with movers, shakers, and architects who had a part in it all. Some of those names are DJ Justin Strauss and Ben Kelly. That is only a small portion of what this time-wrapped book includes. Any rave lover will find inspiration and entertainment from this book’s pages.

Forthcoming publications on rave culture

Thats not it for books similar to Temporary Pleasure and focused on our treasured rave culture. There is plans with photographer, Matthew Smith to publish Exist To Resist v2.0. This publication will be a book of photos of 90s rave culture and activism. Following up, a photobook on the United Kingdom’s iconic rave events called Super Sharp Shooter is due to be published by Velocity Press in May of 2023.

Read it yourself

If you are interested in the history of the culture we all know and love so much, it’s worth checking out these amazing publications. Below you’ll see a link to Temporary Pleasure and how you can purchase it today, though sadly we will have to wait on these other compilations of history.

You can get a copy of Temporary Pleasure here.