Charlotte de Witte Announces Partnership with Harley Davidson’s LiveWire Brand

After making history once again as the first female to ever close out the main stage at Movement in Detroit, Charlotte de Witte now has even more exciting news to share. The techno powerhouse has announced she’s partnering with LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s boundary-breaking, fully electric motorcycle, on a campaign for the brand’s latest model, the S2 Del Mar. The bike is currently available in the U.S. (MSRP $15,499) and a Times Square billboard will formally launch the campaign on June 13th.

De Witte shared the following on social media regarding the partnership:

The most streamed female techno artist of all time, de Witte is an inspiration in the EDM community and this collaboration with LiveWire is a powerful partnership that will push boundaries and change perceptions within an ever-evolving society. Embracing the richness of tradition while maintaining a futuristic mindset, the LiveWire x Charlotte de Witte collaboration is all about harnessing the unbridled power of electronics and charging headfirst into the unknown. Beyond the advertising campaign, exciting projects are in the works between de Witte and LiveWire that are sure to break boundaries and blur lines. Stay tuned for more details to come on this collaboration.