Charlotte de Witt Launches KNTXT Sub-label: RPM

Charlotte de Witt is once again pushing the emerging names and scene, this time with her new KNTXT sub-label titled RPM. According to KNTXT, it aims to become a turbo-charged, digital-only sub-label that builds velocity around emerging talent and sounds.

RPM promises to “meet the demand of the ever-evolving electronic music scene and increase the creative output of our KNTXT label, RPM should provide artists a more agile platform to release music”.

Launched in 2019, KNTXT Records is now one of the scene’s biggest labels and has among its roaster some of the best talents in the world. Today a new chapter begins with RPM, starting with a new release by Acid Asian. His Acid techno, 3 tracks EP ‘Break Into Acid’ is already available everywhere.

The label goes one to describe what this new sublabel has to offer:

…a flexible test circuit for producers both emerging or established, to experiment with contemporary sounds, free from the latency in vinyl production.