Catch a 'Coronavirus Rave' Amid the Lockdown in London

Even though mass concentrations continue to be illegal in places like London, the ‘Coronavirus Rave’ continues to make a party – almost like it’s the third summer of love.

As lovers of electronic music, we remember the time of the London Acid Raves in the mid-90s. These were the ‘Second Summer of Love’ illegal raves – parties that only compared in size with current festivals. Now they come in the form of ‘Coronavirus rave’ amid the lockdown.

BBC recently published footage in which they show us the ‘Coronavirus Rave’. You can see in the images and videos people dancing and enjoying the music.

Coronavirus Raves Lockdown

The organizers reported the event on private Instagram accounts and WhatsApp groups. Without a doubt, this is similar to when the organizers of the first raves in London used the newborn communication via cell phone to inform the ravers where the party was going to be. It seems like the mid-90s parties and these Coronavirus raves happening during lockdown have a lot in common.

Police said they arrived at the scene but didn’t arrest anyone. The organizers disputed the argument that the events are raves and claimed instead that it’s a community of people exercising to house music.

These events are taking the necessary measures such as disinfecting attendees and taking temperature when entering the venue. Although even with these preventive measures, concerts, festivals and parties are banned in the UK capital.

Coronavirus Rave Lockdown

Keeping The Rave Alive: ‘Corona Raves’ and Drive-in Shows

The Coronavirus has paralyzed life as we knew it, and many spaces have temporarily been left out of the game. Given the fear of contagion and the need for isolation, new types of leisure initiatives have emerged. Germans and Americans have opted for drive-in concerts and other countries are testing out socially-distanced events.

Those two activities were carried out under the law, but as we can see, there were illegal parties. The Coronavirus rave in lockdown made a financial profit and the ravers got a moment of fun and connection through music.

Electronic music has always had that factor of always being in a party, even if the laws don’t allow it. It’s not just the big corporations in charge of events that are thinking about how to return to the world. Also, small event producers are doing their thing – although they do it even when the lockdown is still present.

Quarantine has made us think about the importance of music parties and live entertainment. The physical contact with people, the music at full volume, the sensation of the heat, the gigantic stages, and the small lights at parties – these are all elements that make a virtual version not feel quite the same way.

Although too dangerous right now – given COVID and the threat of being shut down by police – this coronavirus raves offered an opportunity for recreation and fun in moments when the best thing that can happen to us when being locked up is boredom.