CARDEA Is Offering Custom Ketamine Journeys In New York City

CARDEA, a new psychedelic wellness space in Soho’s Lower East Side, is making waves by offering “Customized Ketamine Journeys.” After a medical evaluation with a doctor, the drug is administered by trained professionals. The drug is administered via nasal spray as customers sit and listen to a curated playlist or live performance. Session lengths vary from 3 to 13 hours and cost anywhere from $200-$450 per hour.

The music experience is tailored to each individual through the “Iso Principle,”. This is a concept from music therapy that matches the sound to each participant’s mood, intentions, and experiences. The soundtracks are curated by the company’s Sound Director, John MacLean aka The Juan MacLean, a seasoned NYC DJ and producer. The space’s design was crafted by installation artist Randy Polumbo, putting guests and their goals at the center of the experience.

The official CARDEA website reads:

“CARDEA assists those who seek recovery from deep and entrenched psychological anguish, from behaviors that are out of control, as well as those who want a more awakened life and expanded sense of existence. We see the barriers to growth as the result of lives habitualized, standardized, and uniform. We therefore see a lot of good in one’s ability to withstand uncertainty, to find joy in novelty, and to be more creative with one’s pursuit of passion and well-being.

Founded by leaders in both the psychedelic space and psychological recovery, CARDEA is composed of psychotherapists and ceremonialists, vibrational composers, artists and experts in personal growth. While diverse in our fields, we harmonize around a common principle: that growth and greater awareness happen improvisationally. With each act of expansion new routes unfold.

Healing, recovery, and awakening have one thing in common: there is no single road to reach them, only as many paths as there are travelers.”

Firstly, while the recreational use of ketamine is banned in the US, CARDEA is legally able to offer the drug by using racemic ketamine, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for medical procedures. Secondly, participants can even take their prescriptions home with them after the session. Additionally, CARDEA offers group experiences for up to 7 people at a discount for those looking for a more social experience. Lastly, for those interested in exploring psilocybin, CARDEA offers 7-day retreats in Jamaica.

In conclusion, if this is something that interests you, be sure to check out their official website here. Enjoy!

H/T MixMag