Cancer Free! Michael Bibi Shares Good News Post To End The Year And Is Showered With Love From The Community

It’s been a confusing and troubling end to the year. If you’re a house music fan, however, you’ll find some rejoice in this one. Michael Bibi, quite arguably the biggest name inside the minimal tech/tech house scene, announced quite possibly the biggest news the scene has received in the last months. After half a year of very intense anticancer therapy, the boss behind the English label Solid Grooves announced his latest results showing his body is, finally, cancer-free. Yes, you read that right. Michael Bibi is officially cancer-free!

Michael Bibi, A Hero For House Music

It’s well known that tech house is a divisive genre. It creates a series of diverse opinions. Some, especially those with a bigger affinity for the purist side of dance music, often see this genre as a toxic combination of dance music and whatever’s left of the EDM scene with the pop-culture scene.

For many others, tech house is a quest in search of the perfect groove. The continuous loop that allows us to get lost within our minds while dancing the night away. House music is all about the groove, the symphony of the melodies, and the perfect compass that the percussion creates around these melodic elements.

Regardless of how you feel about house music, you can’t deny one thing.

Michael Bibi’s impact both in the genre, culturally, and inside the community.

The iconic DJ, producer, and label head is, without a doubt, one of the pillars of today’s house music landscape. He took a genre that mostly belonged to underground small clubs and turned it into the stuff that packs entire stadiums. Michael Bibi, PAWSA, and Dennis Cruz were some of the biggest names in the past decade inside tech house (talking about the most popular side of it, of course).

Pawsa, Dennis Cruz and Michael Bibi perform together at Space Miami

Now, after a wild year, Michael Bibi is on to the next chapter of his life. Yet another challenge in the life of a man who’s faced plenty before. Regardless of what you think, failing to recognize Bibi’s dedication and love for the game is pure ignorance.

Few have done as much as he has for house music. After retiring, he’ll forever be honored as one of the greatest. That day, however, is yet to come. Michael Bibi is cancer-free and back stronger than ever!