Camelphat Confirms New Album Release Date

Tech-house’s most popular duo, Camelphat, is back with fantastic news. The act behind the chart-topping classic ‘Cola’ announced this morning through twitter that their latest album will be out in September. After a couple of years dropping one hit after the other, the duo is finally ready to showcase all of their work through an artist’s biggest challenge, a full-length album.

Back in 2017, the duo Camelphat released their track ‘Cola’. No one was ready for what happened next. The track completely exploded through the charts, ascending to every #1 spot it could. It became a crowd’s favorite, got remixed by many big artists, and everywhere it was played, it took over every single party.

Ever since that moment, Camelphat have stayed on top of the tech-house game. Their songs top the Beatport charts. They are played at every festival and have gathered a huge fan community, who eagerly follow every single step the duo takes. Now, Camelphat’s next project aims to bring a climax point to this era. Through twitter, the British duo announced their new album will be out in September of this year!

Through an album, artists aim to take the sound they’ve owned for a certain period of time. Then, they expand it and create an experience through which their fans can connect and become part of their story.

The year of house continues to find success. We’re excited about this new Camelphat chapter. We have an idea of what to expect, but we can’t be sure. The duo has pulled off a series of delightful surprises before, and they’ll surely do it again. With this new album, Camelphat will definitely cement their place atop the Tech-house industry. Who knows, maybe the next ‘Cola’ will be on this album!

Stay tuned for more news about Camelphat’s latest album!