Calvin Harris Releases Exclusive Music on Amazon as Love Regenerator

Calvin Harris took to releasing exclusive work on Amazon Music as Love Regenerator which includes a special remix and a playlist. Once again, the streaming platform continues to improve while adding special content to its service.

Love Regenerator joins ‘The Summer Sessions‘, curating a playlist that includes tracks by some of the best artists in the scene. In tandem, Amazon Music enlisted other artists such as Martin Garrix, Disclosure, and many more for their summer sessions. With that in mind, Harris now joined the list via his Love Regenerator alias to highlight tracks hand-picked by him.

As the name implies, The Summer Sessions offer each artist’s favorite summer-time anthems. For instance, you can find some of the greatest dance tracks of all time, festival bangers, and chill vibes. If you are curious about your favorite artist’s musical preferences, make sure to give this Amazon Music playlist a listen.

I’m excited to be a part of Amazon Music’s Summer Sessions campaign again, this year brought to you by Love Regenerator. It features big tunes from some of my favorites over the years plus an exclusive Solardo remix of my latest single, ‘Live Without Your Love’

Calvin Harris on his Amazon Music release

Love Regenerator’s Exclusive Track on Amazon Music

The surprise comes in the form of the Steve Lacy collaboration ‘Live Without Your Love (Solardo Ball Bass Remix)’. A track that many fans asked been asking for. It’s a reminder about the original by maintaining the atmosphere while providing greater power to it.

Love Regenerator Amazon

Finally, find the Love Regenerator playlist available via the link here. For the exclusive track, ‘Live Without Your Love (Solardo Ball Bass Remix)’ click here.