Billy McFarland & Andy King Making Grilled Cheeses for Fyre Victims

Since its release from custody, Billy McFarland has been making some waves in the news. Last week, the head of the infamous Fyre Festival tweeted on Easter night that the event would come back, asking his followers at the same time why they should be part of the adventure. Obviously, this news may be the most surprising one since its release given the result of the first iteration.

However, the man seems to want to make amends and is not the only one. Andy King – one of Fyre Festival’s producers that went viral for a particular scene in the Netflix documentary – said in a tweet that he and McFarland will be cooking and selling grilled cheeses in New York City, at 7th Street Burger in the city’s East Village on April 24th. Proceeds will benefit “those affected in the Bahamas,” according to his tweet. King also promised musical performances for the event, although no artists have been announced yet.

McFarland shared the publication of King on his own Twitter account, as you can see. The businessman added to it by demanding his followers to guess who will perform for the pop-up. No more details have been shared by either one of them since those tweets went out.

Surely, this is a weird way to pay back the victims, given the irony behind the whole thing. Back in 2017, cheese – not grilled – sandwiches were part of the food served at Fyre Festival. We can easily understand why victims who paid 12 000$ for a festival that never happened could be a little bit offended by the choice of food for next week’s event.

For now, let’s give McFarland and give the benefit of the doubt, and see what happens next.

Stay tuned for more news!