Berlin Clubs To Be Included In €30 Million Relief Plan

Ich bin ein Berliner! Berlin’s local government is going to provide €30 million in grants to their private institutions. Berlin clubs will be among the infrastructures included.

Along with clubs, museums, orchestras, cabarets, and weather continued closures are also included. Now, they can make up for their lost entrance fees. This is part of stage four of the city’s emergency program amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. The process is simple but will be on a case-by-case basis. Just fill out an application to seek a grant.

Berlin’s Clubcommission revealed they received more than €370,000 in donations for their clubs. Inasmuch, this is a huge help for them during these uncertain times. These funds can go towards paying part-time nightclub employees who would not be considered under the grant.

“The donations still come in handy, as it allows us to take care of hardship cases and clubs that are still employing mini-jobbers, who aren’t being taken into consideration at the moment” – Lutz Leichsenring, Press Coordinator for Berlin’s Clubcommission

Indeed, any sort of donation will help pay the bills in any way. We know that unemployment is on the full blown rise. So, while clubs across Germany remain shut in the future, relaxation of lockdown measures have started. This means that some record stores in Berlin may be opening their doors soon.

Currently, Germany is on lockdown until July 31st, with a hold on clubs, theaters, and cultural sites. Events with 5,000 people or more are banned until October 24th (oof..). Other countries, like Australia, have said “No” to events until 2021. These are dark times, indeed.

We can only hope for the best and continue to watch out for each other and our loved ones. The sooner we can collectively work together, the sooner there is hope for our industry.

Stay safe everyone!