Bassnectar Shares Statement On Members-Only Site

After very public sexual abuse allegations in 2020 that resulted in an ongoing lawsuit, Bassnectar, aka Lorin Ashton, just shared a lengthy post to his members only site, which of course ended up on Reddit.

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by u/EE4Life- in bassnectar

In the several-paragraph post, Ashton vaguely addresses the allegations against him from 2020, as well as the turmoil he has experienced since then. This includes being subjected to hate, negativity, and cruelty from the online community, stress from the pandemic, and the loss of a beloved family member.

Toward the end of his post, Ashton explains the idea behind a new project, ‘The Other Side,’ which he’s launching as a way to connect once again with his fans who have been there for him all along. He states the project will be a ‘mechanism of transmission for sharing [his] art and creativity off the grid of social media’ and also a ‘sanctuary for the hundreds of thousands of humans who [he knows] feel full power love, but zero interest in conflict and nose and don’t want to be harmed by trolling, abusive Cancel Culturists.

‘Life is so short. And so precious. We want to create space to celebrate what we love and share it with others who are gentle, kind, authentic, and want to participate. I’m really glad you’re here.’