AREA15 Announces Orlando Location

This week a robot sculpture of Mechan 11 landed off of I-4 in Orlando, Florida. The Robot has a flag planted in a 17-acre field that tells us that AREA15 is coming soon. AREA15 started in Las Vegas and opened during the pandemic. It is a successful experiential space that has already had over 2 million visitors since its opening. The brand is now looking toward Florida to establish a foothold in the Sunshine State. 

The news has been confirmed by a Las Vegas representative of the company.  The parkway to access the space will have a new exit created from the interstate. And the space its self will be primely located walking distance from the world’s largest White Castle. 

The AREA15 Orlando will have a giant robot similar to that of Vegas, but will have a lot of its own character in charm to make it a distinct and unique experience. Like its predecessor it will feature the latest technology in an experience-driven entertainment. It will be highly visible from the road. And is near major convention and retail centers in the booming O-Town West neighborhood of Orlando.

A representative has stated:

“We’re not a single experience. That’s a big part of it. We’re a multifaceted platform. And that means that we have our retail tenants, but we also have Axe Throwing.”

Orlando has never really been thought of as an arts town, but Area15 is hoping to change that. The 2-story, 300,000 square foot complex will feature local art, large sculptures, and culinary experiences. They hope to break ground on it soon.