ANNA Supports BLM Movement with New Music

As the United States fights for racial equality and justice, the music industry took the opportunity to reflect deeply upon their roots and consider how they can better support the black community. During her time in reflection, ANNA realized that she holds power and influence through her music.

As a result, ANNA has decided to release a track with an option to ‘buy’ it for a digital download. 100% of the sales will be going towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

She states in the post:

‘VOG’ is very different from everything I have ever created, it was originated during the lockdown, with the need to create a space where love can be felt. And every time I close my eyes and listen to it, I feel love and peace. I hope the same happens to you, that you can feel joy, and that love can surface whenever you listen to it.”

Posted by ANNA on Monday, June 8, 2020

‘VOG’ is available for streaming and downloading on BandCamp. The track is full of serenity and hope, which seems to sharply contrast the current atmosphere in the world. If you’re inspired by the track or by ANNA’s message, you can donate to support a good cause. As a bonus, you also receive a digital copy of ‘VOG.’

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