Amelie Lens & Farrago Are Having a Baby Girl!

Congratulations to Amelie Lens and Farrago, as they are expecting a baby girl! Another one of our beloved techno couples took to Instagram to announce the great news.

“This is the happiest we have ever been. We cannot wait to meet our baby girl.”

Amelie Lens

With well-deserved love and wishes from fans and fellow artists, I think we have a future techno artist on our hands! The baby boom is coming back in full bloom, with Alison Wonderland also celebrating the arrival of her baby boy. We love seeing joy radiate from our favorite artists and spreading their love to us. It shows that parenthood is truly a special thing. Head over to their page to wish them well!

Amelie married Farrago a year ago, her best friend of over 14 years. The Belgian couple fell in love as teenagers at a rave, which became their platform to their love and careers. Their deep, instant connection and friendship is an enviable one. This love story is so sweet and characterizes their passion as artists. These two heavyweights deserve nothing but the best with their new bundle of joy. Both have strong, successful, independent careers that complement each other. We have yet to see a b2b from them. However, we expect it to be thalassic and historic.

Now, when will Charlotte and Enrico have their baby?