Amazon Music And Twitch Team Up For All

Amazon Music and Twitch have taken the fan streaming experience to another level. Artists can link their Twitch accounts to Amazon Music so you can enjoy live streams on your phone. Game changer?

All you need is steady data and you should be good to go. Listen from anywhere and everywhere, at your convenience. Like Twitch, you’ll get notifications for when the artist goes live. And just like Facebook Live, there may even be a “Live” page to broadcast the stream.

What this ingenuity does is broadcast artists to a larger audience, in addition to integration benefiting their fans. For Amazon Music users, they can experience Twitch streams without having to use a different app. All-in-one with all the music and minimal effort.

Here’s How It Works
  • Connect your Twitch channel in Amazon Music for Artists (under ‘Profile & Tools’)
  • That’s it!

Automatically, Amazon Music will alert you for when anyone goes live from Twitch. Livestreams will appear on the artist’s profile and all you have to do is click to watch. We know that Twitch is owned by Amazon Music so this integration just makes sense. As one of the biggest streaming platforms right now, perhaps we can make more use out of this quarantine.

This all-in-one platform seems like it could prove to be very beneficial. Often times, the best streams come from our desktops but if we need to go mobile, how will we watch our favorite artists? Make grocery shopping or errands more fun with this. I wonder what the interface will look like as well as how strong the connectivity will be. For those that know, if Twitch is down, it’s down everywhere. Well, the stage is all yours, stream like a pro now!

Get started on their website here. Let us know how your experience is!