'All On Me' (Brennan Heart VIP Mix)

The new VIP Mix single of ‘All On Me’ from Brennan Heart piggy-backs off the recent original mix release and proves to be one to get your weekend started right.

‘All On Me’ starts out similarly to the original track with the stunning vocals by Andreas Moe and goes into a festival thumping, high octane reboot. The vocals still get to be the shining star in this variation of the original which I love. The vocals really uplift both tracks and add such a mid-summer vibe.

Out of both tracks, my heart still lies more with the original for the overall tone of it. It’s a bit more my speed, literally. That being said, I can see myself in the clubs (hopefully soon) partying to the Brennan Heart mix mid-set. I think it would be a fantastic firestarter and get the crowd absolutely ready for the night or pick up the energy.

Whether high-octane energy is your thing or not, please give this two-track release a listen. I think the lyrics especially speak to us these days and let us know to reach out to someone. Both songs are very worthy of your time and I hope you find something that speaks to you in both or either track.