Alison Wonderland Announces Temporary Touring Changes Due to Pregnancy

Alison Wonderland announced that she is changing her touring schedule for the remainder of her pregnancy. The news comes after thoughtful consultation with her doctor, but it doesn’t mean she won’t be playing any shows.

For the time being, the world-renowned Australian DJ will only perform in areas close to Los Angeles. Once she gives birth, she’ll take a break from shows to recover and spend time with the baby until September.

Additionally, Alison Wonderland is still playing at Coachella and EDCLV; show some support as she always plays her heart out. The current festivals she has withdrawn from are Hangout Festival and Moonrise, she’ll be missed, but health always has to be a priority.

Please keep your eyes peeled on her socials to stay updated on Alison Wonderland and see when her new baby arrives.

Photo via Facebook: Alison Wonderland