Alisha Liston’s “Paint on a Cloud” Is An Inspirational Pop Number That Will Take You Higher Than You Could Ever Imagine

California-bred 13-year old artist Alisha Liston deploys her wings and takes us higher with her new single titled “Paint on a Cloud,” an impressive number that sees the young rising star unveil a memorable performance. 

After “Whose Definition,” dropped alongside adequate visuals, Alisha Liston follows-through in style with an inspirational pop single that incorporates electronic, alternative rock, singer/songwriter, and musical theatre in her mix. Her relatable lyrics and catchy melodies blend in gracefully to produce a glowing number that reinforces her status as an upcoming prodigy. She’s been singing for as long as she can remember, and decided to take music even more seriously when she realized the challenge of finding age-appropriate music she could relate to. 

Her music mainly addresses topics that speak to pre-teens about all the challenges faced by that age group, but older crowds will also find interesting elements in “Paint on a Cloud” thanks to the poetry, skill, and top-notch musicality Liston pours in each and every of her releases.  

Alisha’s next major release will take the form of an EP, Beautiful Illusion, scheduled to drop later this summer. 

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