Alesso and Martin Garrix Played Surprise B2B Set at Tomorrowland

Electronic Dance Music fans were in for a treat at the renowned Tomorrowland festival as Alesso and Martin Garrix, two of the biggest names in the industry, surprised the crowd with a back-to-back (B2B) set. The highly anticipated performance took place on a balmy summer evening, captivating the crowd from 17:00 to 18:30.

The Library Stage, known for its intimate atmosphere and immersive experience, provided the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary collaboration. With its carefully curated lineup and impeccable sound production, it was the ultimate setting for these two musical powerhouses to showcase their talent and entertain the audience.

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Alesso and Martin Garrix have established themselves as influential figures in the EDM scene. Alesso, known for his melodic and uplifting tracks, has garnered a massive following with hits like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Years‘. Martin Garrix, on the other hand, has taken the world by storm with his chart-topping releases such as ‘Animals’ and ‘Scared to Be Lonely.’

Both Garrix and Alesso have achieved remarkable success in their careers, consistently pushing boundaries and reinventing themselves with each release. Their ability to captivate audiences with their distinct sounds and energetic performances has earned them a dedicated global fanbase.

Although the B2B set was not live-streamed on Tomorrowland TV, fans need not worry. Videos capturing the extraordinary performance will be shared after the conclusion of the set, ensuring that the magic of this collaboration can be relived and enjoyed by fans worldwide.

While we eagerly await the release of videos capturing the epic Martin Garrix and Alesso B2B set at Tomorrowland’s The Library stage, one thing is certain – this collaboration will be remembered as a defining moment in the electronic music landscape.

About Alesso

Alessandro Lindblad, better known as Alesso, was born on July 7, 1991, in Stockholm, Sweden. His passion for music emerged at a young age, and he began experimenting with producing tracks in his teenage years. Inspired by legendary DJs such as Sebastian Ingrosso and Swedish House Mafia, Alesso honed his skills and developed his unique sound.

Alesso’s breakthrough moment came in 2010 when he gained recognition for his remix of Nadia Ali’s ‘Pressure‘. The remix caught the attention of Sebastian Ingrosso, who later became his mentor. Ingrosso recognized Alesso’s immense talent and took him under his wing, guiding him through the competitive EDM industry.

Following his collaboration with Ingrosso, Alesso’s career took off like a rocket. He released several hit singles, including ‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’ with Ingrosso and ‘Under Control’ with Calvin Harris and Hurts. These tracks not only dominated the charts but also solidified Alesso’s reputation as a top-tier DJ.

About Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix, born on May 14, 1996, is a Dutch DJ and record producer who has taken the world by storm with his incredible talent and infectious beats. Garnering immense popularity at a young age, Garrix has become one of the most influential figures in the electronic music scene.

Garrix’s journey into the world of music began at the age of eight when he started playing the guitar. However, it was his fascination with electronic dance music that truly ignited his passion. Inspired by renowned DJs like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren, Garrix started experimenting with producing his own tracks.

His breakthrough moment came in 2013 when he released his track ‘Animals.’ The song became an instant hit, topping the charts in various countries and propelling Garrix into the international spotlight. At just 17 years old, he became the youngest artist to reach the number one spot on the Beatport chart.

Following his initial success, Martin Garrix continued to dominate the music industry with his unparalleled talent. He released numerous chart-topping singles, such as “Scared to be Lonely” featuring Dua Lipa and ‘There for You‘ featuring Troye Sivan.