Above & Beyond Send Message of Hope with 'All In' Respray” />

In the midst of what seems to be one of the scariest and most frustrating times in recent memory, Above & Beyond have sent us a message of hope and happiness in the form of a “respray”. They’ve taken the mega-collab ‘All In’ from Genix, Jaytech, Fatum and Judah and given it a proper A&B facelift.

The consistent message you’ll see around the world is one of hope and inclusion- that even in these trying times, we are certainly all in this together; which makes the timing of this track’s adaptation all the more perfect.

‘We’re All In This Together’ (A&B Respray) Music Video

From a production standpoint, Above & Beyond hit the nail on the head with this respray. They added their own elements while masterfully keeping the original’s sound intact. The biggest difference between the original and the respray is the opening drop. The drop kicks in with a rolling bassline with a familiar sounding melody layered on top reminiscent of the trio’s Tri-State days.

The buildup is almost untouched, with a soothing piano melody added in to give it an uplifting flare. The drop stays powerful and big, with the final breakdown being a piano solo to sooth the ear.

Staying true to the times, Above & Beyond will be doing live streams throughout the week, with Tony McGuinness recreating ‘Trance Around the World 002’ tomorrow and their regular scheduled ABGT broadcast on Friday.

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s important to remember we really are ‘All In This Together’. Stay safe, keep busy, and dance the days away until we’re reunited on the dancefloor.