A New John Summit & Kaskade Collab Might Be On Its Way

Just imagine the energy of something these two could put out together!

John Summit has been on fire lately. The Chicago-born has captivated the entire world with his uplifting and energetic House beats, made in a style that gets you in the mood only by pressing Play. Needless to say, his music alone is not the only thing that keeps him changing faces and adding fans to his name, it’s also the fact that he’s continuously playing ’round the globe. Without looking much further, this weekend he’s pulling a weekender at the Brooklyn Mirage, but then he’s heading to Spain, and back to North America, and then to Greece… yeah, the boy is quite big.

Kaskade on the other hand has had quite the successful career: after a handful of albums, lots of collaborations, and countless sold-out shows, the artist, who has been around for over 20 years, has had some golden moments, including being one of the creators of one of the most iconic pieces of Electronic Music ever, ‘I Remember‘, alongside deadmau5 and Haley Gibby.

So, these two have amazing music, no doubt. Just imagine if their styles collided for a John Summit x Kaskade Collab.

A Potential Collab On The Way

So… about a new work from them? After Summit remixed Kaskade & deadmau5’s own ‘Escape, this could be the first song the two of them produce. I’m talking about this cheeky little tweet the young star posted:

Could this be the start of something huge? Probably. We here at EDMTunes can only imagine the filth and sheer energy of a collaboration so powerful! a John Summit & Kaskade collab. Wow. Only time will tell how things turn out, but for now, we can keep dreaming, and even more so, keep refreshing the socials of both to hope for a miracle. It happened with Calvin & Ellie, so don’t stop believing.

yes the miracle thing was intended i’m sorry