2024 Paris Olympics Official Hints at Daft Punk Appearance

France will be hosting next year the 2024 Olympic Games. And while the preparation is ongoing, organizers seem to have an interesting ambition to bring Daft Punk back on stage for the opening ceremony.

Thomas Jolly, the artistic director of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games ceremonies said on Tuesday morning on a French radio show that he would be “very happy” if Daft Punk were to perform at the event. Asked about the creation in preparation for the Olympic Games, Thomas Jolly replied about the possible presence of Daft Punk on 26 July. “It would be great if they were in the ceremony,” he conceded, adding that it was “impossible not to think” of them when looking for “success or international exposure for a French group“.

Then the interview went on, making it clear that discussions were probably further advanced than he had let on. It all comes down to one sentence, a smile, and a bit of deliberate mystery.

“I lied a bit about Daft Punk”.

Thomas Jolly – Artistic director of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

At the end of the interview, Thomas Jolly was asked to confess to “a bad thought”. That is when he replied: “I lied a bit about Daft Punk”. The director blurted out, all smiles, suggesting that negotiations with the two artists were undoubtedly further advanced than he had let on a few minutes earlier.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, the iconic names of the French Touch, put an end to their joint project in February 2021, at the end of a history-making musical adventure spanning almost 30 years.