Watch This 5-Year-Old DJ Shred House Music Live on Vinyl

At the age of five, when kids start to develop early interests like Pokémon card collecting or tee-ball, most parents can safely cross DJing off the list of potential hobbies. Most parents.

The parents of five-year-old DJ Archie are not most parents. At a time when other kids his age are learning how to color inside the lines, he is dropping house heaters on his way to becoming a barnstorming international EDM artist. The son of renowned British television host and award-winning "Dear Lovejoy" podcast Tim Lovejoy, entertainment courses through DJ Archie's veins. Essentially, it was only a matter of time before this miniature prodigy made waves in the music industry. He's like a can of soda—too much energy on the inside, and it explodes.

And we are currently witnessing Archie's explosion. Last year, the diminutive DJ achieved the Guinness World Record title for youngest club DJ at the staggering age of 4 years and 130 days. Imagine a pint-sized progeny performing live for people 10 times his age who are gulping alcohol he isn't able to drink for another 13 years at venues he can't legally party at. Substituting nursery rhymes with adrenaline-fueled bass music, DJ Archie is on quite a remarkable journey.

Check out the video below, where he mixes live on vinyl like it's nothing. DJing on vinyl—which many in the industry believe is a lost art—is not an easy task. Needless to say, the fact that a five-year-old is ripping a house set so seamlessly is astounding.