Underground Vibes | 071

“Out There” – Sourcee, Envoy Music

Marking their first collaboration, veterans Sourcee and Envoy Music are able to craft a true dancefloor gem with “Out There,“ bringing together groovy basslines and infectious vocals. 

“Save You” – MICA, Vana, Hailure

MICA just shared his brand new EP The Night You Left via Suit Of Bullets, and “Save You” alongside Vana and Hailure is without a doubt a standout track.

“Swims Best” – Former Hero

Former Hero recently unveiled his debut album footpaths via bitbird with “Swims Best” clearly representing his sparkly yet introspective sound.

"Hyper Dream" – Fresh Stuff

Fresh Stuff has been carefully building a massive discography over the past year, and his brand new single "Hyper Dream" is a true testament to his talent with its monstrous low end and glitchy synth lines. 

“Lonely Light” Ft. Molly Otto – Lamorn

deadmau5’s protégé Lamorn is back with yet another impressive tune, this time teaming up with Molly Otto (his longtime girlfriend) for the impressive “Lonely Light.”

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“Possibilities” – camoufly

Part of his fresh EP The Giant, “Possibilities” might be one of camoufly’s best tunes to date, driven by playful chords, catchy grooves and cute vocal chops.

“Too Fast” – Colson XL & ero808

In “Too Fast,” regular collaborators Colson XL and ero808 display their chemistry masterfully as they bring together infectious rap verse with minimal drops.

“Bad Habits” – Narayan & theajsound

Marking their second collaboration, Narayan and theajsound are a match made in heaven, combining catchy house grooves and powerful vocals on “Bad Habits.”

“Into Arms Of Lovers” Ft. MAYLYN – ATTLAS

Featuring an intimate vocal performance by MAYLYN, ATTLAS’ latest single “Into Arms Of Lovers” takes listeners on a soothing and atmospheric journey.

“Rain Dance” – Super Future

Juxtaposing glitchy melodic elements and heavenly atmospheres with gritty bass and groovy drums, Super Future’s “Rain Dance” places is the perfect bridge between heavy and vibey. 

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