Top 5 Quotes from Diplo, EDM’s Intrepid Renaissance Man

Harnessing a persona as exotic and malleable as his ever-changing sound, Diplo has ascended to the pinnacle of EDM as one of its most fascinating characters. He is one of the most mercurial artists in the scene, constantly tightroping the wire between enigmatic and overt. However, whether he's producing twangy country bops, ambient stargazing lullabies, or wonky trap bangers, his sound consistently remains tucked in a bedrock of dance music. 

The curious case of Diplo may never be solved, but that's not a bad thing. Our beloved dance music community needs someone like him—a virtuoso who keeps us on our toes and single-handedly colorizes the vibrant palette of EDM with each eccentric tweet or genre-bending song.

To home in on one of the true Renaissance men in electronic music, we put together five of Diplo's best quotes and thrust them into the limelight to celebrate his boldness and intrepid spirit.

"If people can identify with you as a human being, they're going to like you more for what you do." – Diplo, GQ

"When you're doing music, you're always on trend of off trend, and it's important to show people respect no matter what." – Diplo, FADER


"People like me, DJs and producers, have a bigger say and a bigger voice than we've ever had before." – Diplo, NPR

"When we think about big records, a lot of producers are thinking of how to make it as standard as possible. I think those days are gone." – Diplo, Time


"The best gift you can give to a girl is your devotion, not some Louboutins." – Diplo, Ask Men