This Artist Somehow Turned a Loaf of Bread Into the Artwork of Aphex Twin’s Debut Album

Iain Ross isn’t loafing around when it comes to perfecting his craft.

The grain-smith, better known as thug.loaf, has amassed an impressive following across multiple short-form video-sharing platforms by stenciling iconic album covers into baked goods.

His creations have featured everyone from MF Doom to Taylor Swift to Playboi Carti. Along the way Ross has paid homage to famous electronic music works too, most recently recreating Aphex Twin’s influential debut album, Selected Ambient Works 85-92, in bread form. Released in 1992, the classic album has earned its legacy as a cornerstone of the subsequent proliferation of underground techno throughout the world.

So what exactly constructs Ross’ delicious recreation? He was kind enough to include the recipe, which consists of 300g of Canadian bread flour, 50g of dark rye, 242ml of water, 70g of levain starter and 7g of salt. As for the painted cover art on top, Ross said it’s a combination of black activated charcoal powder and food-grade coloring.

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