This App Uses AI to Generate Custom Playlists

The search for the perfect playlist just got a whole lot easier.

In the latest test of generative artificial intelligence, PlaylistAI is a new platform which yields the promise of creating full, personalized playlists with just a couple of user inputs.

The company explains that such inputs could be a variable combination of user prompts, images, videos and more. Have a certain mood or theme of music you’re looking to curate? The PlaylistAI app can run even with oddly specific requests, such as a playlist that captures the spirit of “playing board games on a rainy day.”

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The AI can also generate a playlist from images. Just feed the program an image of your favorite festival flyer and watch it work wonders, deriving the names of the artists from the image and aggregating their music into one output. 

PlaylistAI also works with video, allowing users to identify songs and sounds that may not be widely recognizable on social media platforms like TikTok.

PlaylistAI is a freemium platform and it’s now live on the App Store. The service monetizes its “Pro” mode through a subscription of £2.99 per month.