Modapit Pulls Back Curtain On Spellbinding Debut Single, “Dancing”

Modapit‘s debut effort is already sweeping us off our feet. 

The enigmatic producer, who caused an unusual stir during the ordinarily consistent holiday lull, has unveiled their first single, appropriately titled “Dancing.”

Contrary to the veiled artist’s ominous teaser trailer we received in December, “Dancing” embraces a definitively exuberant tone and colorful palette of textured synths. If anything, the juxtaposition only conjures up additional curiosity about the shrouded figure behind the music.

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The spritely vocals put a sweet gloss over the production, which incorporates an energizing house groove and arrangement in a head-nod to the underground. While it’s a track that stylistically leans into the current boom cycle in tech house, the track’s distinct euphoric qualities offer a fresh flare for the broader movement. 

While it’s hard not to wonder about the identity of the mysterious, streetwear-donning beatsmith, there’s even music to be curious about in the coming months. Modapit is wasting no time making the most of this attention-grabbing moment, announcing that a debut album cycle is already underway with “Dancing” leading the charge.

Check out the official music video for “Dancing” below.

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