Meet CloZee: Your Sonic Tour Guide On a Trip Around the World

Tapping on a CloZee song is like activating a portal. Each track is a gateway to a place on earth or a spiritual realm.

Her Neon Jungle album was influenced heavily by CloZee's time in the lush forests of Costa Rica. The flamenco elements of "Diabólico" originate in southern Spain. Her version of "Baiana" is rooted in the body percussion work and infectious rhythms of the Brazilian group Barbatuques. "Koto" is rife with Japanese influences, particularly the song's namesake—the country's national instrument.

"A lot of those instruments are really tied to a memory of mine," CloZee tells "A lot of countries I've visited. Like the shamisen or the koto. I really remember so many memories of going through the streets of Kyoto, for example, and hearing those street artists. I didn't sample them but that's how I want to use sounds. Sounds that remind me of experiences I've had while traveling. That takes me back there."

CloZee teleported to Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge Amphitheatre and Shambhala, among other festivals and venues, this summer. Novice ticket-holders were unaware that a first-class, roundtrip pass was included with their purchase. Crowds flocked to CloZee's set only to find themselves beamed across the planet.

"I just want them to feel positive and happy and have a good time," CloZee said of her mission statement. "Just being transported somewhere else while they listen to music."

That craving for adventure shows no signs of being satiated. Originally from Toulouse, France, CloZee now resides in Denver. Much like how Neon Jungle is an ode to her time in Costa Rica, CloZee may find her next muse in the world's second-most populated country.

"I would really love to go back to India," she shares. "I went there but it was very, very fast and oriented around playing shows. I was way younger and very afraid of traveling. It was my first big traveling experience by myself. I want to go back and hopefully work with musicians. I really love the bansuri—the flutes. It's probably one of my favorite wind instruments."

It is intentionally difficult to box CloZee under any one umbrella. The "world bass" category is the most fitting label for her cultural melting pot of music.

But CloZee draws influences from more than just the places she visits. Take her breathtaking remix of INZO's "Overthinker" for example. The song is a transformative, self-reflective exploration of the human psyche. The cinematic inflections in her music are an ode to the film scores and artists that inspire her.

"I was influenced by other artists that also have a lot of storytelling in their music. I'm thinking Bonobo, Amon Tobin, The Glitch Mob. I also really love movie soundtracks. I have so many [soundtrack] albums," CloZee said. "For me, it has to tell a story and take you somewhere."

"I really love The Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer… Interstellar is pretty dope too."

CloZee can navigate the journey singlehandedly when passengers slip on headphones or press in their earplugs. She relies on her trusty copilots to journey along the scenic route. The stunning visuals that accompany CloZee's live performance are a give-and-take process with animators.

"The main video guy I work with, Strang CG, sometimes he has a vision so I will let him do his things," CloZee explains. "Sometimes I'm like, 'Alright, the song is about a jellyfish [laughs].' I go into this story."

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Meet CloZee: Your Sonic Tour Guide On a Trip Around the World

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"I don't know if you always capture the story when you're live because everyone [in the crowd] is doing something else and all you see is a bunch of jellyfish," she adds with a laugh.

CloZee's background as a classical guitarist preceded her head-first dive into the limitless expanse of EDM. She discovered the spark for electronic music while exploring ways to digitally record her live guitar performances. That blend of organic instruments and synthetic sounds is her secret recipe to feed the soul.

"When I started making music, I always incorporated organic instruments like clarinets, saxophones and guitars," CloZee explains. "Violins too."

CloZee's expeditions are far from solo trips. A rising tide lifts all boats and she is eager to bring other talented artists along for the ride. The "Color of Your Soul" artist released her second curated compilation album, Muzique, Vol. 2, on August 19th through her label, Odyzey Music. 

CloZee curated the album with the intention of guiding a "fierce and exploratory voyage through the familiar and surreal, into the dark space beyond the frontiers of experimental sound system music," according to a press release.

Contributing artists to the 10-track project are Zingara, NotLö and Common Creation, among others. The record also features music from Wreckno, who was named to's Class of 2022.

"I f–king love them," CloZee said. "They are just so talented and they are really great people. It's just natural for me to want to support them and, hopefully, help a little bit in their career. They all make amazing music."

“I’m super stoked about how Muzique Vol. 2 turned out! I’m so honored to be able to support some of my favorite producers of the moment," she added. "They all killed it! Can’t wait for everybody to hear the compilation!"

CloZee's recent collaboration with GRiZ is among the French DJ's most beloved and popular tracks. The color spectrum is on full display as crowds move in sync with the rhythm of this certified banger. Screens onstage burst like bags of Skittles when she closes sets with "Color of Your Soul."

That raises the ultimate question. CloZee, what is the color of your soul?

"Turquoise," she shared with a smile.

Stream Muzique Vol. 2 below.

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